Reading Frenzy ~ An Independent Press Emporium

Seeking Indie Press Lovers with Free Time for Cozy Afternoons and Free Labor!

October 07, 2007: Idle hands are the devil's tools, so why not use your super powers for the greater good? We're looking for a handful of talented, creative, folks to help us conquer evil and get some chores done...

VOLUNTEER SHIFTS:  As many of you know, Reading Frenzy is held together by charm, chewing gum, charity, and your faithful proprietress, Chloe. We have three volunteer shifts opening up this month -- currently Tue, Thu & Fri 2:45-7pm -- and we're looking to fill them with warm bodies and hot brains.

These are weekly shifts are approx. 4.5 hours and we're looking for folks who can make a 6 month minimum commitment. You receive a store discount, lunch money (if needed), copious amounts of reading material, work experience, possibly school credit, cameraderie and whatever meaning and purpose you derive from supporting a small bookshop devoted to alternative media.

Applicants should be 18 and over, have retail/customer service experience, and love, love, love what we are all about. Please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your passion and experience with small press/independent media.

COMMUNICATIONS, MARKETING AND PR: Reading Frenzy has a few volunteer/intern opportunities that do not involve sitting behind the counter and peddling smut! If you're a student, we may be able to design these positions to fulfill school credit. If you're not, hopefully you can do something cool enough to brag about later. One of our first writing interns was none other than Julianne Sheppard, who went on to work for Powell's, The Portland Mercury, and MTV!

Zine, comic and book reviews for mail order catalog. Event descriptions and reviews for blog.

Collaborate on development of marketing campaign for store and special events. Publicize and help plan special events.

We have a glorious website, with easy admin, but we need someone to fluff and straighten and upload files to it every now and then. 

Primarily responsible for designing posters for event. May get into identity materials and in-store signage.

Primary task will be creating fetching window displays. Could involve redesign of store and fixtures depending on interest and experience.

Please email your resume, cover letter, availability, and what kind of experience/credit you hope to get out of your internship.

CURATING: Reading Frenzy has been hosting monthly art shows of unknown, emerging, and established artists as well as thematic group shows and curated collections for more than a decade.

We're looking for an assistant curator to help with selecting artists for solo and group shows, preparing contracts, managing installation and take down, hosting art openings, and tracking expenses and sales.

This is a very part time position -- approx. 10 hours per month -- and is paid by commission.

Please send a resume and cover letter.

ARCHIVIST: Do you have a compulsion to alphabetize and organize? Do you lust for homemade zines and comics? Do you care about underground history? Oh boy, do I have a job for you! Come put our archive of zines, comics, books, posters, and other ephemera in order. This is a volunteer position, but I can promise plenty of free goodies.

HANDYMAN/WOMAN: I've got basic skills and a few power tools, but I could sure use some help figuring out how to build the world's greatest magazine racks out of salvaged materials, as well as how to wire the store with a ton more lighting before the fire marshall confiscates all our extention cords and we have to sell books by candlelight. Work for cheapish/trade?