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New & Notable This Week!


  • The 1000 Journals Project by Someguy

  • Angura: Posters of the Japanese Avant-Garde by David G. Goodman

  • The Buddy System by Barry McGee aka Twist

  • Gary Panter (two hardcover books in slipcase) by Gary Panter

  • Graffiti Paris by Fabienne Grevy

  • The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri 

  • Icons: Pierre et Gilles

  • Illustrations from the Inside: The Beat Within, Louise E.V. Nevaer, editor

  • Live Through This: Creativity and Self-Destruction, Sabrina Chapadjiev, editor

  • Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art: Encyclopedia of Terrestrial Life Volume VIII by Francesco Manacorda, Lydia Yee, Tom McCarthy

  • Peel: The Art of the Sticker (hardcover) by Dave Combs and Holly Combs

  • Revisionaries: A Decade of Art in Tokion by various

  • Street Sketchbook by Tristan Manco

  • Undigested Kernel by Scott Harrison

  • The World of Tattoo: An Illustrated History by Maarten Hesselt Van Dinter

  • You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination by Katherine Harmon


  • All We Ever Do is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek

  • Amore Y Cohetes by the Bros Hernandez

  • Apocolypse Nerd by Peter Bagge

  • Comic Arf: The Unholy Marriage of Art & Comics

  • Dororo V. 1 by Osamu Tezuka

  • The Heartbreak Diet: A Story of Family, Fidelity and Starting Over by Thorina Rose

  • Mome #1

  • Nozone #9: Empire

  • Perry Bible Fellowship: The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories by Nicholas Gurewitch

  • Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa


  • Anthem Magazine #34: Music Special

  • Believer #53

  • Cabinet #29

  • Maximum Rocknroll #301

  • McSweeney's #26: New Stories from Overseas, From Our Shores, Where to Invade Next 

  • Wax Poetics #28



  • The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Eastern and Central North America (hardcover with audio) by Donald Kroodsma

  • The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Western North America (hardcover with audio) by Donald Kroodsma

  • Big Foot: I Not Dead by Graham Roumieu

  • A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities by Albertus Seba


  • Bagel's Lucky Hat by Hector Mumbly and Dave Cooper

  • Castaway Pirates: A Pop-Up Tale of Bad Luck, Sharp Teeth and Stinky Toes by Ray Marshall and Wilson Swain

  • Kaput & Zosky by Lewis Trondheim and Eric Cartier


  • Charlotte Webb's Pillow Book by Charlotte Webb

  • Decadence: Japanese Fetish Art by Carol Gnojewski

  • The Devil's Whisper by Henri Breton and Mario Tauzin

  • Erotic Flashback by Michael Berkowitz

  • Modern Vixens by Octavio C. Arizala

  • Neo Shunga: Japanese Pop Erotica by various

  • Obscene Interiors by Justin Jorgensen 

  • Pop-Up Book of Sex by Balvis Rubess and Kees Moerbeck

  • Pretty Things: Burlesque Queens by Liz Goldwyn

  • Sexcats by C. R. Mealie

  • Stacked Decks: Erotic Playing Cards edited by Mark Lee Rotenberg, 

  • Visions from Within the Mechanism by Jeffrey Scott


  • Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting Into Shape by Jennifer Stafford

  • Make Your Own Sex Toys by Matt Pagett

  • Naughty Needles: Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond by Nikol Lohr

  • Stitch-It Kit by Jenny Hart



  • The Learners by Chip Kidd

  • No one Belongs Here More Than You: Stories by Miranda July (softcover) 

  • Train Wreck Girl: A Novel by Sean Carswell


  • Moonshine! by Matthew B. Rowley

  • Face Food: The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes by Christopher D. Salyers

  • Icons: Kitchen Kitsch edited by Joe Heimann


  • Transgender History by Susan Stryker

  • Virgin Sperm Dancer edited by William Levy


  • Amanda Visell Stationery: Don't Eat Paper

  • Ants Have Sex in Your Beer by David Shrigley

  • A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities by Jan Bondeson

  • Icons: Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob

  • Icons: See the World by various

  • This Means This This Means That: A User's Guide to Semiotics by Sean Hall