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Northwest Passage Lecture, Mar. 11th

The wondrous Dill Pickle Club has teamed up with PDX Pop Now! to present a slew of lecture series this spring, beginning March 11th with Northwest Passage. The night, hosted by the Waypost, will focus on the rich history of independent music in our region, and includes a vegetarian dinner. Later this spring we'll hear from Fred and Toody of Dead Moon and Clavin Johnson among other greats! But till then, here's the equally awesome line-up for next Thursday!

"A Life in Soul"/ URAL THOMAS/ Longtime Portland R & B and soul singer

"Rock n' Roll, Race & Poster Art"/ JOE KREGAL/ Slide lecture of 60s/ 70s Portland rock posters w/ music clips

"Hippies, psychedelics and the 60s Portland folk/ acid rock scene"/ VALERIE BROWN/ Writer and cultural historian

Guest interviewer ERIC ISAACSON/ Founder and proprietor of Mississippi Records

For more information and in-depth presenter biographies, hit up their website!