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10 Things to Check Out at Reading Frenzy!

June 14, 2010: A Round-Up of Some of Our Recent Favorites: mini comics, zines, books, postcards, a film and miniature artwork!

  1. Vicarious Veins, Fish Market, Outside In and The Naturalist mini comics by Reid Psaltis. double side printed on a single sheet of paper and folded into sixteenths (!) with crisp, high contrast black and white art. Psaltis packs a lot into the page!
  2. Oregon History Comics Vol. 1: Lone Fir Cemetery by Sarah Mirk. The first in a series of comics exploring under-acknowledged stories in Oregon history. This one is a quick and interesting introduction to Portland's Lone Fir Cemetery.
  3. Under the Sign of the Bicycle by Alon K. Raab. A classic we're happy to have back in stock -- one man's love letter to the bicycle. Proceeds donated to the Community Cycling Center.
  4. Tom Tom Magazine Issue 3: A Magazine About Female Drummers. Featuring Cindy Blackman, Suphala, Yuko Araki, Zildjian, The Runaways and more!
  5. My Day Spring 2010 by Nate Orton. Nate (and usually a friend) pick a spot to walk to and around and record the journey in pictures and words. This issue features Lewiston, Idaho and is printed on vellum type paper so you get a nice layered effect as you leaf through it.
  6. Open Heart Issue One, edited by Ashley Neese. A "forum to encourage discourse about love", this issue includes contributions from 16 writers and artists, including pop philosopher Alain De Botton and Red76 co-founder Sam Gould.
  7. Mama, Is It Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure. A lovely follow up to All in a Day, this time illustrated AND written by Ms. McClure. With the weather we've been having in Portland it's still a question that needs to be answered!
  8. The Form Appears: Bukowski Watercolors by David Barker. A set of 10 full color postcards featuring everybody's favorite barfly.
  9. Gift to Winter: The Story of the Winter Solstice Puppet Collective by Jodi Darby & Erin Yanke. Using nearly a decade of the Winter Solstice Puppet Collective, a Portland-based group that creates and performs elaborate shadow puppet shows every year, free of charge, on December 21st.
  10. Art miniatures by Nate Orton for only $10! Barely bigger than a matchbook, these satisfying little chunks of art are composed of Nate's artwork reproduced on transparencies and then embellished by hand. Look for a whole show of his work in 2011!