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Walls of Pride: A Guidebook to African American Public Art

The Dill Pickle Club is at it again--this time with a comprehensive guide to Portland murals and public art made by African Americans. A spin off of their bicycle and bus tours of the works, the planned guidebook offers all the highlights, over a dozen full color images, as well as a map so you'll be able to revisit the works at your leisure!

Fieldguided Art Opening, Dec. 3rd

Tonight Sword + Fern welcomes Lisa Schoenberg into their gallery space with an interactive, multi-faceted show that draws from her entomological studies. Known best for her skills on the drumkit, it is great to see Schoenberg branch out to new mediums. Fieldguided also includes the work of Aidan Koch, Tara Jane O'neil, and Dan Anderson among others. Publication Studio will also be releasing a compilation book of drawings from the show.

Visit the Sword + Fern site for opening details and gallery hours, here!