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Announcing Reading Frenzy's Curated Page on Kickstarter!

Dear Readers,

We're very pleased to announce that Reading Frenzy now has a curated page on Kickstarter! Kickstarter is an online fund-raising platform for creative projects and ideas. Creators outline their projects, set a funding goal and deadline, and create rewards for backers. Backers pledge amounts of $1 or more to their favorite projects and choose their rewards. Funds are only collected if the goal is successfully reached by the deadline. We ran three successful projects last year and have supported and/or promoted dozens of other projects since then. Kickstarter is simply a brilliant, fun, and easy way for creators and backers to get together and make amazing stuff happen!

Curated Pages is a new feature on Kickstarter where selected creative organizations, communities, and individuals feature their favorite projects and help drum up support to help them reach their goals! The projects we feature will typically be print related, and primarily Pacific Northwest based, but if a project really grabs us, we'll plug away regardless of medium or locale.

Check out our first twelve featured projects. You can take a gander at our page which will provide a brief description of each project, or view them individually by following the links below:

We would love to see all of our featured projects succeed. Projects rely not just on pledges but on sharing, so if you're not in a position to back a project you can still play an important role by sharing it online with your friends. We hope you enjoy reading about these inspired efforts and support them whatever way you see fit.

Your Faithful Proprietress,