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Local Comics Spotlight: Ivy by Sarah Oleksyk

July 19, 2011: It's summer in Portland, and while the rest of the country is having a heat wave, we are stuck with 60s and rain. The one upside to this is it's the perfect weather for reading comics!

I have been reading Ivy by Sarah Oleksyk and really loving it. This graphic novel from Oni Press is all about Ivy's life in Maine, trying to navigate high school and the desire to make a living as an artist, against the wishes of her mother. I think the forward by Douglas Wolk really says it all:

"One of the things I love about Oleksyk's comics is her knack for staging, and how neatly she establishes a sense of place...this is the kind of cartooning whose craft serves its flow, but there's always more going on than the story spells out...Sarah Oleksyk's been making zines, prints and comics for more than a decade now; she's kind of a local legend here in Portland. Ivy first appeared as a series of five photocopied mini-comics. Every once in a while, Oleksyk would show up at small-press comics conventions with a new one, and there'd be an excited murmur from people who follow rising stars of art comics; did you see that new Ivy? Man, I wish there were a way for more people to see Sarah's stuff. Now there is, and now you get to see it too."

Posted by Andrea Deeken