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Consignment Update! Expanded Drop Off Hours!

April 19, 2012: Dear Local Publishers,

After a year of playing catch up with consignment and working out the kinks in our new computerized system, we're ready to expand our drop-off hours! From here on out you can come by during our regular business hours*, fill out a drop-off form, and leave your title(s). Drop-offs will be entered in the computer system within 3-5 days of receipt and you'll receive a confirmation email at that time.

The new drop-off only hours are:

Monday - Friday 11am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Hours for pick up and and returns remain the same:

Thursday - Saturday 11am-7pm

If you've received a reminder that your consignment period has expired and you can't make it to the store during consignment hours, you can call or email Harlan -- harlan(at)readingfrenzy(dot)com -- to make special arrangements for pick up. He will issue you a check and place your items for pick up in our hold basket, so that you can come by at any time during our regular business hours. These arrangements must be made in advance with Harlan -- no one else on staff can prepare your payment and/or returns.

We've limited consignment hours for two main reasons: So that one person can be in charge in order to cut down on confusion and errors, and to ensure that there is time during the week when we can focus on other important aspects of running the store. With over 600 consignors that was proving very difficult. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

*We do not conduct consignment business on First Thursdays, 6pm-9pm or during other store events, which typically begin at 7pm.