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Day 2: Happy International Zine Month!

July 02, 2012: What's your current favorite zine?

This is always a challenging question for me to answer. I read hundreds of zines a year and it's tough to pick just one! Lately I've been really enjoying A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek Next Generation, presumably written by a teenager named Joshua Chapman in the early 90s when the show originally aired, actually created by a semi-anonymous, 30-something, local author named Zach. Each issue of the zine covers one season of the show and one school year in the life of Joshua Chapman. Joshua has set out to catalog each alien species portrayed on the series, he lists the episode they appear in, and includes a photo. In describing the aliens he almost always find something analogous to his own experience and his increasingly unhappy teenage experience. Pretty ingenious premise, sometimes poignant, always hilarious.