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Day 5: Happy International Zine Month!

July 05, 2012: Activity: Back a zine project on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other fundraising site!

On any given day you can visit our curated Kickstarter page to check out four or more of our favorite (and frequently publishing related) projects being currently funded (plus all of our favorite successful projects). But don't stop there -- do your own exploring! There are so many worthwhile projects being launched nearly every day! Have a great idea for a print publication? Pitch your own project!

Kickstarter has been a vital part of our continued success through the lean recession years. We've been able to fund four issues of Crap Hound, as well as two artist's print projects that directly benefited the shop. Without this tool at our disposal it would have been tough to pull of one of those projects, let alone six.

With the current and future state of publishing and bookselling in question, crowdfunding works well for publishers on multiple levels. First and foremost it allows people to publish without going into debt, it gives publishers a useful measure of the interest level in their project (this helps with determining print runs for instance), it connects people directly with their fans, and it gives fans a way to feel like a part of the project and more motivation to promote it. 

Let us know what your favorite print project being currently funded are here. You'll be entered in our give away contest and your favorite might end up on our curated page!