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Print Fancy: Taking The Lane

Taking the lane

Taking the Lane editor Elly Blue has invited two contributors, Katie Proctor and Kathleen Youell, to read their pieces from the latest issue for Print Fancy! 

Taking the Lane is a quarterly bike journal exploring the psychology of biking with a feminist perspective. Covering such topics as sexuality, sense of place, body image, and-ooh la la-economics, Taking the Lane goes beyond the asphalt with stories of how biking shapes our very lives. Every issue is an eclectic and entertaining take on a central theme, as diverse as the bikes we ride. The latest installment, Childhood, features stories on cycling, childhood, and parenting, from the memory of running away from home by bike at age 7 to parents' stories of how they manage bicycling with kids of all ages. Some are funny, some are visionary, some are sad. It's hard not to notice the cargo bikes full of babies and diligent parents guiding their children to school on X-tra Cycles and training wheels these days. Childhood was inspired by the families that bike together, the kids who embrace two wheels, and memories of freedom and sparkly banana seats.