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Imported for your Pleasure



During our down time this summer we set out on a very specific mission: to get fresh, new books into the store and,  into your mits. Our proprietress took a trip over the pond, and guessed it, she was looking out for us all. We now have a growing collection of new European publications ready to be purchased and savored. The every item in this new crop of imports is most definitely worth coming by the shop and peeking at, but a few of my personal favorites are as follows:

HOME, published by Delebile,  is an anthology set around the theme, of well, home. Expertly curated and total eyeball candy, this book contains work from Sam Alden, Ugo Schiesaro, and Micey Zacchilli as well as a gaggle of other talented artists. One feature that completely sets this imported gem aside from its brethren is that it comes with translation booklet, so even if you do not fluently read Italian like the rest of us smarties, you will not miss out on any of the stories.

Ten Steps Until Nothing, published by Teiera, is another anthology loaded with a beautiful collection of  comics and visual narratives. If you are looking for a book that contains artists that perhaps you might not be acquainted with, this title should most definitely be on your shopping list.

  31 July, 1992: The Day Your Father Left, independently published by Sarah Mazzetti, is one part poster and one part folded comic. This publication folds out, similar to a map, and is proper to keep as reading material or hung on a wall. The photo below does not do this zine justice! 

It feels so great to be back in business and to be able to fill out our new space with fresh material one might be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  If you have not wondered over to our new location on N Mississippi, bring over your bones! Come so that we my get reacquainted!

-- Shanna Matuszak
Frenzy Devotee