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New in Stock: Short Run Haul

November 04, 2015: The first batch of zines culled from Short Run Comix & Arts Festival are now available in the shop.


Reading Frenzy finally made it to the fantastic Short Run Comix & Art Festival in Seattle and it was well worth the trip! Fisher Pavillion was filled with wall-to-wall small presses and self-publishers and your faithful proprietress barely made it through the whole show before it was time to pack up and go home. Here is a smattering of titles we brought back — only a small sample of what's to come. Stay tuned for more of our finds.

  • Culture Guide by H. Faye Kahn
  • Ledger by Martine Workman
  • Furled / Unfurled by ET Russian
  • Cross My Words & Hope to (___) VERB by Emily Alden Foster & Friends
  • The Important Business Ladies' Guide to Important Business for Ladies by Emily Alden Foster & Friends
  • A Humorless Treatise on Onomastics by Emily Alden Foster
  • A Great and Terrible Golden Age: Movies of the 1930s by Emily Alden Foster & friends
  • The Hand by ET Russian & friends