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A selection of hand-picked gems from our downtown Portland store. Minimum order of $8.

A Few of Our Favorite Zines cover

A Few of Our Favorite Zines

By Kate Bingaman Burt

18"x22", two color silk screen print, limited edition of 250

Our fourth print features a selection of classic zines selected by our patrons and illustrated by Kate Bingaman Burt! All launched in the 1990s, some of these zines are dearly departed but a number of them are still with us! Many of them have a special significance to Reading Frenzy and your faithful proprietress! For instance...

  • I'll never forget twin sisters Amber Gayle and Stacy Wakefield of My Evil Twin Sister walking into the old shop in the early, early days and laying a box of the most beautiful stuff on us that we've seen to date!
  • The charismatic Nicholas Johnson only put out a few issues of the brilliant and hilarious Shark Fear, Shark Awareness but I will never look at ocean the same way again. Johnson's memoir Big Dead Place (Feral House, 2005) is currently being developed by HBO!
  • Murder Can Be Fun was the first zine I ever read, purchased at a shop on Haight St. during a trip to San Francisco in 1986!
  • Girl Frenzy (discovered on my honeymoon in Seattle at Left Bank Books in 1991) was one of the inspirations for our name.
  • Although I had stumbled upon Murder Can Be Fun, it was Factsheet 5 that really opened the door for me to the wide world of zines in 1988!
  • Farm Pulp was one of the first zines I ordered after reading a review in Factsheet 5. It remains one of most loveliest publications ever produced on a photocopier. Also, I'll never look at raccoons the same way again.
  • I met the lovely editrix of Flatter!, Ms. Jaina A. Davis, mere weeks before the shop opened. Flatter! was a staple of the shop for many years and Ms. Davis has been our most devoted patron, supporter and enthusiast! Check out her latest effort, Splatter!, at Reading Frenzy!

As the title suggests, these are just a few of our favorite zines. There are hundreds more that have made the past 17 years of Reading Frenzy a non-stop reading adventure!


I Want to Kiss This Person cover

I Want to Kiss This Person

By Miranda July

Miranda July generously donated the artwork for this poster, and Seizure Palace generously donated the printing to support our relaunch Kickstarter project ! It's a big one -- 20"x30". 

Silkscreen. Black ink on white paper. Limited edition of 150. 


No Book Ever Ends cover

No Book Ever Ends

By Aaron Renier

16"x20", silk screened, signed, numbered, edition of 250

Reading Frenzy is thrilled to present the latest installment in our artist's print series ~ No Book Ever Ends by Aaron Renier! This signed, numbered, limited edition two-color silkscreen print captures the feeling of sinking your head into a great book -- that swimming feeling of being there, and how every book you've ever loved is somehow, magically, a part of you now. See if you can pick out the references to classic children's literature from the ones that Aaron made up!

Aaron Renier was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin. He has been drawing comics, in one way or another, for as long as he can remember. His illustrations have appeared in a wide variety of places, including turning an entire city bus into a moving aquarium. He won the Eisner award for cartoonist deserving wider recognition for his first graphic novel, Spiral-Bound. He is the illustrator of a series of books about the knights of the roundtable by Gerald Morris, and a picture book by Alice Shertle titled An Anaconda Ate My Homework.


Not Tonight I'm Reading Glow-In-The-Dark Print cover

Not Tonight I'm Reading Glow-In-The-Dark Print

16"x20", 4-color silkscreen, edition of 250.

SPECIAL! $20 for the month of June only! This beautiful 3-color, glow-in-the-dark print is the fulfillment of a several year long wish to put one of our many mottos into glorious print. Artist, Mary Kate McDevitt, author of Hand-Lettering Ledger, has done us proud with this design! Available as a t-shirt, tote, and print each in a different colorway.