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Alone Forever cover

Alone Forever

By Liz Prince

At last Liz Prince has briought her popular webcomic to print!

Alone Forever explores the joys of living single and free to focus on what really matters: comics, punk rock, and cute boys with beards.

Drawn in Liz Prince's ultra-charming style, filled with self-deprecation and cats, there's something for everyone to relate to in this celebration of self-reliance in the age of OkCupid.


Big Plans #5 cover

Big Plans #5

By Aron Nels Steinke

112 pp., 6x4.5, perfect bound

With bold simple lines, classic comic panel layout, and a little self-deprecation, Big Plans is the semi-autobiographical comcis of Aron Nels Steinke. Aron has a knack for highlighting himself at his most obnoxious, sweet, and funny, whether he is watching movies and talking to himself, struggling through an interview, or spazzing out trying to make his wife to drive faster to a comic's panel. In this issue, our hero gets his first teaching job, recalls his mulleted, gun obsessed youth, and walks out of the comic's panel.


Bjornstrand cover


By Renee French

paperback. signed. risograph.

 Bjornstand, the super cute Goliath, rises from the sea! Renee French chronicles the odd happening that is Bjornstand in the strange comic as characters Mick & Marcel do their best to go about their daily lives and not make awkward eye contact.


Ci vediamo cover

Ci vediamo

By Hazel Newlevant

22 pps., 6.5"x5.5", die-cut cover, saddle stitched

"CiVediamo" is an Italian goodbye. Literally, it means "We'll see each other." Ci Vediamo  the mini-comic is a wordless story of love, loss and moving on. The comic uses overlapping vellum pages to tell the story, showing the ghosts of the past and how they change from different perspectives. Hazel Newlevan'ts Xeric-winning wordless mini comic is a melancholy tribute to the lost loves that disappear like dandelions in the wind. A lovely comic that is just meant to be held in the hands!


Concert Review Comix cover

Concert Review Comix

By Hazel Newlevant

24 pp., 8.5"x5.5", saddle stitched

Hazel took her sketchbook to shows.  What results is a great collection of humorous comics with flowing vignettes into the momentary joys of live music. From rock to edm to rap, Hazel's brush and ink finds a common thread between performers and their fans.


Cryptozoology: The Pragmatist's Guide cover

Cryptozoology: The Pragmatist's Guide

By Reid Psaltis

27 pp., 7"x7", saddle stitched

Reid's fantastic illustrations accompany thoughtful and direct descriptions of various cryptozoological specimens as well as their histories and hoaxes.


Dockwood ~ Signed! cover

Dockwood ~ Signed!

By Jon McNaught

hardcover, 64 pgs, 7.7"x10.4"

Shipping April 29th: Dockwood is a small town in South East England, population 26,000. It is home to a bowling alley, a boating lake and Willowbrook Outlet Village.

It's a cloudy Tuesday in October and the residents of the town are going about their business as usual. In Elmsview Nursing Home, a kitchen porter dutifully prepares lunch for residents. Elsewhere, a council worker sweeps the fallen leaves from the pavements. Along Nettlefield Road, a paperboy is delivering his daily round. And in the trees, swallows gather noisily in preparation for their annual migration.

In this new work, Jon McNaught weaves together the everyday lives of three locals against an evocative backdrop of autumnal transitions. Bittersweet and contemplative, Dockwood is for anyone who believes the stories that take place within life's small moments can often be the most meaningful of all.

Jon McNaught is a Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and printmaker living in Bristol. He also works as a printmaking instructor at the University of the West of England. He has produced comic strips for Nobrow, Art Review and Stripburger, among others. His first book Birchfield Close was published in 2010 by Nobrow Press, followed shortly by Pebble Island, both received wide critical acclaim and have earned him plaudits from some of the world's foremost cartoonists.


Fight the Power cover

Fight the Power

A graphic collection of comics depicting the examples throughout the history of english-speaking countries, in which dissent and revolution took hold.


Gay Genius cover

Gay Genius

By Annie Murphy

pp. 144, 9.5"x7", perfect bound, full color

 Gay Genius is a showcase of contemporary radical queer visionaries: Kubb E. Bear, Harmony Bianca, Sarah Sass Biscarra-Dilley, Pam Cameron-Snyder,Jackie Davis, Mat Defiler, Samantha Jane Dorsett, Eddie Fake, Sailor Holloday, Elisha Lim, Annie Murphy, Leroi Newbold, Lee Relvas, Adee Roberson,Matt Runkle, Ellery Russian,Clio Reese Sady, and Silky Shoemaker. Using comics as a narrative to articulate the queer experience, Gay Genius breaks through the limitations put on gay culture throughout history. The wide range of art, stories, and style come together under the passions and otherness of the writers and editor Annie Murphy.  


Hells Dachshunds cover

Hells Dachshunds

By Reid Psaltis

12 pp., 4.25"x7", saddle stitched

A dastardly pack of hounds stalks a tractor trailer driver through the desert.


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