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Read Me! Exhibit: In a World of My Own cover

Read Me! Exhibit: In a World of My Own

By Michelle Leigh

8.5"x11", archival pigment print, 100% cotton rag paper

This piece was created for Read Me! Reading Frenzy's 21st Anniversary Exhibit by Michelle Leigh

Michelle Leigh is a illustrator and designer who believes in the power of print, pattern, and cat eye glasses. As an awkward kid growing up in a sleepy town, she was shaped by countless afternoons spent at her hometown library, where she discovered alternative comics, weird movies, critical theory, art history, and a great love for books. Her preferred medium is linocut, partially because the time-consuming carving process gives her lots of time to catch up on TV. Check out her work at

This archival print will last for decades if framed under glass and kept out of direct sunlight.