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Read Me! Exhibit: Readings cover

Read Me! Exhibit: Readings

By Xtina Lamb

16"x22", collage of gocco, gelli, and screenprints

This piece was created for Read Me! Reading Frenzy's 21st Anniversary Exhibit by Xtina Lamb. This listing is for the original, prints are available here.

The piece for Read Me! is a collage of 21 prints using the book shape of the Reading Frenzy logo. The collage is made of fragments of screen prints, Gelli mono prints, Gocco, thermofax and pencil drawings. Each element has its own story and can suggest new stories.

Xtina Lamb runs a print studio in Rochester, UK and specialises in silkscreen, Print Gocco and other stencil-based printmaking methods. She also designs and makes a range of illustrated textile products and stickers under the name Printed Wonders.

This archival print will last for decades if framed under glass and kept out of direct sunlight.



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