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Algeria -- Notes on an Unfamiliar Place cover

Algeria -- Notes on an Unfamiliar Place

By Delphine Bedient

30 pp., 5.5"x4.25", stitched binding

Printed on kraft paper, this unassuming little zine contains the travelogue of the editor/illustrator's father, who with his wife, joined the foreign service after retirement and took a position at the US embassy in Algiers. It's a quick, fascinating, and satisfying read.


Applicant cover


By Jesse Reklaw

48pp., 5.5x4.2, perfect bound

From the publisher: 

"One night while rooting through the recycling bin for magazines, I found all the confidential Ph.D. applicant files for the biology department at an Ivy League university from the years 1965-1975. Stapled to many of the yellowed documents were photographs of the prospective students. They were treasures! I tore through the folders and rescued every portrait I could find. I had to have them. Only later did I realize I had to publish them."

So begins the preface to Jesse Reklaw's Applicant. A priceless time-bomb of pop culture, Reklaw serves a compelling and secret look into an impossibly lost era. The book collects photos from the 1970s paired with accompanying comments from employers and professors. The results are absurdist, confusing, often hilarious and disturbing.

Applicant provides unique insight into outdated 1970s social attitudes and ephemera (under one girl's photo: "Weakness: she is a female, and an attractive, modest one, so is bound to marry"). Much of the book's appeal however is found in what the book fails to say: the blank and despondent stares of it's subjects, the outdated fashions and hairstyles and it's understated text. Equal parts Ann Taintor and Found Magazine, Applicant is one of those books you read once and then want to show everyone. In fulfilling Jesse's dream, we've republished this as a tiny paperback book!


Art for the Millions: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA cover

Art for the Millions: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA

An audio cd and guided tour of Portland Public Works Projects of the Work Progress Administration, a federally-funded program that provided relief to millions of idle workers during the height of the great depression.


City of Maps cover

City of Maps

By Delphine Bedient

46 pp., 5.5"x4.25"

A collection of hand drawn maps to Delphine's favorite places in Paris. Ever the intrepid traveler, she came across each by happenstance. A brief description of each shop, venue, and cafe is printed on clear vellum which overlays the hand drawn map. This charming little zine may be the only Parisian guide book you really need!


The Collected Status Updates cover

The Collected Status Updates

By Delphine Bedient

28 pp., 5.5"x4.25", stitched binding

The author collects selected status updates across her various social media accounts over several years.  The result is a curated collection of previously "shared" entries that now have a physical permanence.


Cometbus #52 cover

Cometbus #52

By Aaron Cometbus

The Spirit Of St. Louis
How to Break Your Own Heart, a tragedy in 24 parts.

"It all starts with the story I've told so many times it's turned stale and tired from overuse. There I was, dropped off in a city far from home. I didn't know a soul or have a hope, and so on..."


Cometbus #54 cover

Cometbus #54

By Aaron Cometbus

96 pp., 8"x5.25", saddle stitch

A great Travelogue of Aaron Cometbus embarking on a journey as a roadie for Green Day on their Asian Tour in 2010.


Eyeball Burp Issue 7: Clip or Copy cover

Eyeball Burp Issue 7: Clip or Copy

A survey of varied collage artists in full color.


A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation: Season 1 cover

A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation: Season 1

48 pp., 8.5"x5.5", saddle stitched

The funny, heart breaking, and insightful guide to the aliens of TNG, as told by Joshua Chapman, 7th grader, for his English class assignment. Poor Joshua obviously uses Star Trek to cope with his unstable single mother, bullies, sexual frustration, and teenage alienation (no pun intended). Finding more in common with the logical, emotionless and occasionally bewildered Data than the hundreds of aliens that look "just like regular humans", the reviewer emphasizes, in sloppy cursive, the startling similarities between fact and the best show on television. Highly recommended! Be sure to also check out Season Two!


A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation: Season 2 cover

A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation: Season 2

17 pp., 8.5x5.5, saddle stitched

A new project from Joshua Chapman, 8th grader. He really doesn't like Counselor Troi, humans who get too cocky, bullies, or living with his mom.


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