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Hello Mr. #6 cover

Hello Mr. #6

184 pp., 6.5"x9.5", full color

Hello Mr. isn't your typical gay magazine. Dubbed as "a coy introduction for a new generation of men who date men," Hello Mr. is an accessible, endearing, and insightful indie publication with a fresh take on the gay lifestyle magazine. Featuring a photograph from filmmaker Matt Lambert's series documenting Berlin's club culture on the cover, issue #6 explores experimentation and the unexplored.


How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence  cover

How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence

By Zach

10 pp., 5.5"x8.5", saddle stitch, full color

You've talked to your cat about gun safety and evolution, but you still haven't the talk. Birds and bees aren't just flying creatures your cat chases, your cat need to know the dangers of premarital sex. Learn scenarios you can practice with your cat, prayers you can have with your furry friends, and dating websites you can recommend to them.

"Avoiding pre-marital sex is not a decision your cat makes once. It is a decision that they will make every meowment of every day."


How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution cover

How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution

By Zach

12 pp., 5.5"x8.5", saddle stitch, full color, offset

The American Association of Patriots strikes again with How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution, the follow up to their smash hit How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun SafetyFeaturing helpful hints for combating the never ending barrage of atheist propaganda cats face today. It's never too early to talk to your cat about evolution, but it could be too late! 


How To Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety cover

How To Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

By Zach

10 pp., 8.5"x5.5", saddle stitch, full color

Nothing is more dangerous than a curious young cat around her family's unlocked armory, which is why you MUST not "paws" in teaching your pet about gun safety TODAY!!! An informative guide on your (and your pet's) rights and responsibilities as American citizens, How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety is rife with helpful hints on broaching a delicate subject. This isn't about anthropomorphizing your furry little friend, this is about protecting our great nation while bonding with your faithful companion.


IGLOO cover


By Rumi Hara

11 pp., 6"x8.5", saddle stitch, letterpress

A sweet hand-bound, letterpress children's picture book. Two children count to ten and build their home in an arctic land. Composed of beautifully crafted images. 


Incandescent: A Color Film Zine (Issue 7) cover

Incandescent: A Color Film Zine (Issue 7)

68 pp., 6.5"x8", perfect bound, full color

Moving photos from 21 different artists from all over the world. From landscapes to portraits to travel photography, Incandescent is a powerful documentary that shows us the world, fixed in time, through another's lens. 


Leaf Litter no. 5 (The Wolf Issue)  cover

Leaf Litter no. 5 (The Wolf Issue)

52 pp., 5"x5.5", perfect bound, letterpress cover

A small, themed literary zine. Fourteen writers contribute short stories and poems about wolves, exploring everything from their ecological significance to their spiritual history. A really nice collection.


Little Thing #40: Life in the Countryside cover

Little Thing #40: Life in the Countryside

8.5x11, 163 pages, saddle stitched, full color, inc. mini gift cards and blank notebook

Little Thing is a "girly" fashion, lifestyle, and art magazine from China with a global scope. Featuring fashion, housewares, paper goods, printed matter, arts and crafts from makers around the world. English text is limited but it doesn't really matter because Little Thing is all about the visuals. With "small is beautiful" as their guiding principle, each issue has a different theme and includes a die cut paper craft project. This issue's theme is "Life in the Countryside" and includes a set of mini greeting cards and a small box that you assemble yourself, plus a sweet little blank notebook with a cover illustration by Aiko Fukawa.

Artists and makers featured in this issue include Lieke Van Der Vorst, Michelle Housel, Aiko Fukawa, Polly Fern, Ja Soon Kim, Philippa Stanton, Julia Tyroller, Helen Ahpornisiri, Vera Greutink, Emillie Ferris, Claire Read, Ros Lee, Kima, Cone, and Stephanie Birdsong.


Mineshaft  cover


56 pp., 5.5"x8.5", saddle stitch

Print media's last-surviving magazine for sophisticated moderns. Featuring the art of R. Crumb as well as others. 


Picture Sentence (Winter 2015)  cover

Picture Sentence (Winter 2015)

39 pp., 8"x8", saddle stitch

A collection of short stories as well as art. This issue focuses on and celebrates Nate Orton's "My Day" series. Each issue documents a regular day in the life of Orton and his housemates here in Portland.  


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(11-21 of 27 items)