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Apple Cabin Foods 2016 Calendar cover

Apple Cabin Foods 2016 Calendar

12"x12", 24 pgs, full color, stapled

In 1816, illiterate Finnish explorer Alpert Redford Walker stumbled upon a small, unmanned grocery store hidden in a clearing deep within the forests of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Pleased by the bins full of exotic fruits and fresh vegetables and impressed by the shelves well stocked with reasonably priced snacks, Walker learned that this remarkable little store was called "oha paddaki'e," or "Apple Cabin," by the local Paiute tribe, who nevertheless denied any knowledge of the store's origin. Feeling that Divine Providence had guided him to the market, Walker donned one of the aprons that hung waiting in the employee break room and thereby assumed ownership, ensuring Apple Cabin's tradition of savings + quality would remain strong to this day.

200 years later, you (+ your family) can finally enjoy the look and feel of Apple Cabin Foods... in a calendar! Featuring TWELVE colorful advertising circulars, this handsome, chronologically precise 12" x 12" full-color wall chart showcases the savings + quality that have been the store's legacy since Alpert Walker clocked in for his first shift all those years ago. While the savings + quality are the focus of each month's image, several attempts have been made to add a delightful photographic background that is occasionally appropriate to the month in question. Small clipped coupons decorate the periphery of the monthly grids, pushing the already unbelievable savings into realms of value difficult for the human mind to grasp.

Created by Sean Tejaratchi of LiartownUSA and published by Chloe Eudaly, owner of Reading Frenzy and Show & Tell Press. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar support Reading Frenzy, an independent press bookshop in Portland, Oregon independently owned and operated since 1994.


Heed: 2016 Calendar by Nikki McClure cover

Heed: 2016 Calendar by Nikki McClure

By Nikki McClure

Spiral bound, full color

We love Nikki McClure's bold and beautiful woodcuts, and this calendar compiles 12 of them, each paired with a powerful verb that inspires to action. McClure cuts her pictures from black paper using an X-Acto knife and the calendar is printed on acid-free, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper using soy-based inks.