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Come Celebrate the 50th Issue of The Believer with Us!

December 29, 2007: Reading Frenzy was one of just 20 bookstores across the country asked to host a 50th issue celebration for The Believer! It just so happened that plans were already in the works with IPRC to host Vendala Vida (one of editors) for the launch of our Triple Dare Reading Series, so we're having one big party! The Believer is providing free temporary tattoos and back issues for a raffle! Check out the listing under "Upcoming Events" for further details.

This is actually the cover of No. 49: The Art Issue, which comes with temporary tattoos and is currently available at the shop!

Lynda Barry Rules!

December 12, 2007: After three days off being stuck at home with a sick kid during a relentless rain and wind storm, I let my fingers do the walking and ended up at the site of one Ms. Lynda Barry, one of my favorite cartoonists and writers of the last twenty years. Lynda teaches an amazing writing workshop called Writing The Unthinkable and I was checking to see if she had any plans of coming to Portland next year, when I stumbled upon Shop Super Marlys, and the next thing I knew I was the proud owner of an original Lynda Barry work of art!

Watch out for her upcoming book What It Is (Drawn & Quarterly, 2008). With any luck she'll be coming our way sometime soon!

Crap Hound No. 5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes Ebay Auction

December 11, 2007: We have a tiny stack of brand new Crap Hound #5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes left and I've put one up for auction on Ebay. This is the revised and expanded, 2nd edition, published by Show & Tell Press in 2005. You can check out the auction here. Sold for $66! You can now purchase it here.

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