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Em Space Open House, Dec. 12th!

The Em Space Book Arts Center is having an open house this Saturday! They'll be providing cider as well as a number of paintings and prints to ogle over while you finish up your Christmas shopping. The space is sometimes a bit tricky to find, but if you visualize where the Springwater Corridor's located at the path's opening right before the Ross Island Bridge, in a beautiful little renovated warehouse! For more information, click here!

Handmade Bazaar, Dec. 12th!

This Saturday the Handmade Bazaar will also be hosting their bi-annual arts & crafts sale at Mississippi. The fair is in its ninth year and going strong! For more information on their rad history, and photos from previous bazaars, click here!

"Do Good Work, Don't Make Enemies" Fundraising!

Our very own Amelia Harnas and Jeffery Diteman are on a mission and they need your help! They are currently in the process of completing a series of interviews with the painter, Thomas Buechner for an upcoming biography they're writing. And just from the questions they hope to pose to Buechner, you can tell he's got a world of stories worth crossing the country for! Like:"How did he end up in Puerto Rico designing the logo for the independence movement?" or "How did end up in Amsterdam following Rembrandt's footsteps, hand-carved reed for a pen and all?".

In order to make this happen though, they've got to raise funds for the train ride to New York. Some sweet gifts come to those who give, including personalized painting mix cds and the chance to ask Buechner something yourself!