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The Moe Bowstern Challenge

June 29, 2009: Moe is the nekkid cyclist in The Yodeling Lesson, as well as a phenomenal writer who should have an agent and gobs of money and time to write. But she doesn't, so......


Moe Bowstern challenges any and all to stump her at her own benefit for Xtra Tuf zine. "I can turn any topic into a fishing story." claims this nautical tale teller and 20-year veteran of the Alaska commercial fishing industry.

Bowstern is raising money to fund the publication of the latest issue of her zine Xtra Tuf, The Greenhorn Issue. She is turning to you, her friends and family, for support after a nerve injury this December deprived her of employment as a (non insured) commercial fisherwoman and laborer

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Zine River: IPRC Benefit Show!

June 27, 2009: Paddle over to Grass Hut Gallery to see who's hanging out at Zine River, a benefit art show for the Independent Publishing Resource Center. With works and zines by the likes of Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell, Nicole J. Georges, E*Rock, Sammy Harkham, and others, any day is bound to be a good day by the river--Zine River!

Zine river

Head on over!

Grass Hut
811 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214
June 26 - July 1
Opening reception Friday, June 26, 2009 at 7pm

for more info call 503.827.0249 or visit or

New Works

June 27, 2009: New Works by Midori Hirose &
Josh Orion Kermiet
@ Fontanelle Gallery

New works

Midori and Josh have brought a vibrance to Fontanelle by creating works of gouache paintings and plaster objects, screen-printing and marbling, collage in multiple dimensions (!!!!), as well as an installation located in the central area of the gallery that "evokes a scientific menagerie of planets, cellular structures, and cosmic space debris". These new works are based around the "formal ideas of repetition, intuitive pattern, and tactile shape making".
Guaranteed beautiful and especially ethereal.

Fontanelle Gallery
205 SW Pine St.
Portland, OR 97204
July 2 - August 1, 2009

Special VIP Preview
Wednesday, July 1st, 6-8pm

Opening Reception
Thursday, July 2nd, 6-9pm

Amelia Harnas: Sketchbook Release

June 27, 2009: Get over to Valentine's June 30th for the release of Amelia Harnas' new sketchbook!

Amelia harnas

Performances by Saw Whet and the Areyoumadatme?s
more info at

Don't miss it!

232 SW Ankeny
Portland, OR 97204

500 Friends of Reading Frenzy Members!

June 20, 2009: 500 Friends of Reading Frenzy supports our purpose-before-profit mission of promoting independent media and alternative culture through the store, website, events programming, publishing projects and community outreach. Benefits include a variety of discounts and premiums, depending on the level you join at. Memberships are available at the Club ($100), Clique ($250), Coterie ($500), Coven ($1000) and Cabal ($2500) levels. (Existing members -- yes, you can upgrade!)

By supporting our efforts, you're helping to foster a vibrant community of authors, artists, publishers and readers locally and beyond, as well as ensuring the ongoing existence of a rare and vital outlet for their work. It's amazing what a significant impact such a small venture can have on a community and your contribution, big or small, will help us sustain and expand our efforts in the coming years.

Please join us in recognizing and thanking our current 500 Friends members (after the jump) and consider joining their illustrious ranks!

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